When purchasing a wood bat there is always a risk of breakage. This could happen on the first hit or the 1000th hit. To protect your investment, we provide a 30 day limited warranty for our wood bats. Our warranty program starts on the first day of you receiving your bat, youth bat, fungo or training tool. There is no extra cost or registration required.

To initiate your warranty claim please send pictures and your receipt and/or the bat back to:
Attn: Sean Adamson
Limestone City Bat Co
501 Scotland Road
Odessa, ON, K0H2H0
Email – info@limestonecitybatco.ca

Once we have received your information we will review the bat to ensure it meets the warranty guidelines, which are listed below:

If the pictures show that the bat was struck in the red areas shown above then the break was most likely due to hitter error and the warranty is void. The warranty will also be void if the bat shows any signs of abuse. If the pictures show no signs of being struck in the red areas then we must assume that there was a defect in the wood that was undetectable prior to use; and another bat of the exact same model, color, and engraving will be placed at the top of our manufacturing queue. To protect against program abuse, the replacement bat does not include a warranty.

Warranty exceptions

  • Team or shared bats, utilized by more than one person do not carry a warranty.
  • Bats breaking outside the 30 day warranty period will not apply.
  • A collapsed cup that does not affect the bat performance does not quality for warranty.
  • Bats should be used to hit professional leather baseballs and nothing else.
  • Bats that have been left in extreme heat or cold will warp or crack and not covered by the warranty program. Bats should be stored in a controlled environment.